Hidden φ Φ Realities

A photographic love affair with this, our Sacred Earth.

About the Photos

The images that you see here are straight photographs.  There are no significant details added or subtracted to make compositions more interesting.  No paint, color mattes, or area brushes have been used, other than minor darkening or lightening in some rare areas, and/or minor dust spotting, as is a standard practice with any photography. The color has gone through a conventional photographic color correction process in order to optimize each image individually.  In general the color has not been treated any more aggressively than the average commercial portrait.

I gave myself this strict limitation in order that I could say to you that these scenes truly exist in reality.  The images are not the product of my imagination.  For every photograph that you see here, somewhere in this world there is a place in which each scene actually lives.  We inhabit a state of great and wondrous magic and I found no reason to embellish or disguise that fact.  I invite you to slow down and take a closer look at the world around you, for I hold no monopoly on this access to beauty.  Beauty and wonder are literally all around us.

My photos are made from a state of complete and compelling love and admiration for this dear and sacred planet.  Her fragile beauty is so much more than a resource to be exploited.  Within our lifetimes we will define whether humanity survives as a species, or falls into oblivion and suffering.  Nature has a great capacity to recover but she will only do so if we take notice, make some changes in our relationship with her, and learn to protect her.  Every species on Earth depends on us to come to this realization.  It is my most profound hope that this body of work that passes through my hands help us all to find that balance, harmony, love and respect for this, our beloved mother.  This is our spiritual journey as a race of sentient beings.

I hope that you enjoy the images. Thank you so very much for stopping by. 


Brian Sorbo

Joshua Tree 2008

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